Greg Rook

A lot
            of what I'm about to tell you is made up       Michael       It is the land they represent

From can see to can't see       God damn      Virginia Bourne

Jesus has left the building       Honyockers      Morning with plough


Vento & Associati  Milan 2019

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Communal Wash

Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking

Attercliffe  2018

Into the Bourne (blue)       Into the Bourne (yellow)       Into the Bourne (Green)

Into the Bourne

The Aldridge Gallery  2016

The Good
          Life       Off-grid       Harvest       Barn door

Books       Burning books       Burnt books

Into the woods
       Hideout       Rafters


the stockroom  2016

The Twelve       The Cornfield       The MacGuffin       Landscape
              with fence

TCHC, 2015

Untitled (tents)

Autocatalytic Future Games
no format  2015


Sunday in the Park with Ed

Display Gallery  2015

Fear and

Present Tense
Swindon Museum and Art Gallery  2015

The Woods

Paint Britain
Ipswich Art School Gallery  2014


Priseman/Seabrook Collection
Hudderfield Art Gallery  2014

Approaching Storm

East London

Bow Arts, London  2013

Landscape with two men

On the Prospect of Establishing a Pantisocracy

Fred London, London  2013

The Head


Gallery Stock, Berlin  2013

The Cornfield       Landscape with plough       Harvest

              (sample)       Untitled (pigs)


OMT Gallery, London  2012

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It's your
              misfortune and none of my own


Blindarte Contemporanea, Naples  2012

The Plough

The Plough

OMT Gallery, London 2012


Crash Open

Charlie Dutton Gallery, London 2011

The Light        Laying Hands


Trailer, London  2011

Burning learning

Inspired by Soane
Sir John Soane's Museum, London 2010


I am by birth a Genovese
Galerie Forde, Geneva 2009

And this, too, shall
                pass away 1        And this, too, shall pass
                away 2        Adnd this 3        And this 4        And this 5

And this 6        And this 7        And this 8        And this 9        And this 10

And this 11        And this 12        And this 13        And this 14

And this, too, shall pass away
The David Roberts Foundation, London 2009

Dead Sea Fruit        Las Vegas        wtwb

Clean skins

Vegas Gallery, London 2009

green roof

These Here United States

Master Piper, London 2009

Tack room        Bonsall, California

Giddee up!

University of the Arts, London 2009

Hide out        Woman

Pulse New York (solo project)

Monika Bobinska Gallery, London

Landgrab        Cult        The ne-do-wells        High Lonesome

Don Quixote        A world where things simply
              happen        Trophy

Interior        Dust and ashes        Rope

We live like this

Lounge Gallery, London 2007

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